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Fine Art Prints (Giclee Reproductions)

Prints of any of my artwork images are available for purchase. Prints are available on heavy stock. I also offer canvas prints. All prints include my original signature and are numbered. Please contact me directly to specify your desired print(s), print type, dimensions, and any special requests. Prices will vary depending on print sizing and print type. I use standard print sizing. A print on heavy stock measuring 11” x 14” costs $30. A canvas print measuring 11” x 14” costs $40.

*Please note that pricing does not include applicable taxes, shipping/handling fees, or packaging fees.

Marche Escudier V 2004 10” x 8” $400

Marche Escudier V
10” x 8”




Contact me directly for inquiries about commissioned artwork. I am welcoming requests for conceptual flower art, house portraits, and pet portraits. Mediums include oil, watercolor, and pen & ink. Prices will vary depending on the chosen medium and size specifications. For example, an oil painting measuring 16” x 20” costs approximately $800 to $1,000. A watercolor painting or pen & ink drawing measuring 11” x 14” cost approximately $400. Please note that these pricing examples are approximations, since prices may vary based on the unique nature of a commission. If you have specific requests for commissioned artwork, please do not hesitate to ask. I am always happy to accommodate my patrons’ desires.