Artist Statement

SallyLucyMy artwork is inspired by nature, nostalgia, and pets and can be divided in into three distinct categories, respectively: conceptual flower art, house portraits, and pet portraits.

“Conceptual flower art” is the term that I use to describe my modern floral artwork. Here I explore the ephemeral yet timeless beauty of nature. Furthermore, this artwork serves as a visual manifestation of my sensory experience in nature. My conceptual flower art has a decorative aesthetic quality and serves as a lovely accent to the interiors of homes or corporate settings.

I also create house portraits. Portraits of homes and the surrounding property are a special way to make an enduring impression of the place where family and friends have shared years of memories.

In addition, I paint pet portraits. My Chihuahua, Lucy Ann, desires nothing more than to love and to be loved. I cherish Lucy Ann and all the dogs in my family. I understand the love that pet owners have for their pets. These extraordinary animals truly become family members. When creating pet portraits, I strive to capture the pet’s likeness as well as the essence of their unique spirit.